Professor Duszak about herself

Anna Duszak

Education and degrees

I studied at the University of Warsaw, where I took all my degrees (M.A., doctoral and postdoctoral). I started at the Faculty of Modern Philology, and then moved to Institute of Applied Linguistics, where I have been doing research and teaching for the last thirty years.

My international grants and study trips took me to various academic institutions in England, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and the US.


Academic teaching
I have gained my teaching experience in many subjects and institutions (also outside of University of Warsaw). I taught classes in the descriptive grammar of English, Polish-English contrastive grammar, semantics and pragmatics, text linguistics and discourse analysis, and anthropological linguistics. Over the last years my teaching covers mainly courses in (critical) discourse analysis, cross-cultural communication, social semiotics, as well as MA and doctoral seminars in linguistics and communication studies.


Anna Duszak